Indie, Privacy, Net Neutrality

This is probably one of those occasions where two independent social/political events and/or movements garner steam at the same time so that some time down the road you can't really be sure that they are in fact independent or if there is maybe a causal relationship. Ever since the Snowden Revelations 1 there is a heightened interest more

Text To Geek

Ok. 2014 is here. Actually it has been around a while it just seemed to me it was whizzing by. Could have stopped to say “Hello” at least. But apparently manners are overrated these days. more

Blogging With Heckle

I thought I would stay away from blogging for the rest of the year but it looks like I might just squeeze this one in before the turning of the times. One reason I have been quiet over the past weeks is that I've switched blogging engines from Octopress to Heckle. Octopress was a great way to more

Your Priorities Are Wrong

I recently attended Dibi Conference 2013 in Newcastle and had the pleasure of attending one of the keynotes which was given by Dan Rubin about “Why We Do What We Do”. In essence he was speaking about motivation, the “reasons to wake up each morning”. Interestingly he didn't stop at the personal level, i.e. what motivates individuals more


I read an article on Matt Gemmell's blog the other day about how important he believes it is to get one's grammar right when writing. He even linked it with nothing less than your personal reputation being at stake if you don't. more

Leap Motion Controller JS Experiments

I finally found a few minutes to play around with the Leap motion controller that has been sitting on my desk for slightly over a month now. Yes, I know, pretty pathetic but hey - I'd like to see you do better with a newborn around the house. more

Enterprise Software Needs Passion

In the whole debate about consumerization of IT and how consumer technologies, usage patterns and behaviors are changing the world of corporate IT there is one part I'm missing. Yes we're talking about Generation Y and how they are all computer savvy and are demanding new technologies. And while that will be a factor I would agree more

Innovation in IT

More often than not I hear a complaint that corporate IT departments are not innovative enough. Sure, mostly their 'innovation' consists of allowing iPhones to access the email backend systems or implementing an add-on to the existing CRM system. Sometimes they even organize a Hackathon. But nothing earth shattering comes out of it. So the critics have more

On Location

Existing and emerging hardware and software trends have a profound impact on location. What I mean to say is that they have the potential to make the physical location of an individual irrelevant. more

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