Blogging With Heckle

I thought I would stay away from blogging for the rest of the year but it looks like I might just squeeze this one in before the turning of the times. One reason I have been quiet over the past weeks is that I've switched blogging engines from Octopress to Heckle. Octopress was a great way to start with static page generators but it started to feel a little out of tune with my workflow which was a pain but bearable. I really started to dislike it though when I wanted to build my own theme. Major pain. Now, don't get me wrong, this is my personal experience. I'm not saying Octopress is bad, all I'm saying is that it didn't work for me. After that I tried Jekyll. Again, nice but when I tried to build a filter things went bazonk. The filter was throwing errors left and right or would just be ignored. After a few hours I was getting extremely frustrated because I really didn't want to spend countless hours trying to fix an issue with a blogging framework in a programming language I'm not familiar with just so I could, well, blog again.

At that point I figured that someone, somewhere, for sure had built something in Javascript. That's how I came across Heckle. Built by Marijn Haverbeke it has a very small core and uses Mold (also by created by Marijn) as its templating library.

As, according to Marijn, Heckle is neither stable nor finished there are a few things I might want to change down the road (as time permits), such as support for blogging in multiple languages (which I've already partially implemented) and maybe adding something like the filters feature from Jekyll which I like as far as I understand it.

Much remains to be done, scripts need to be written to make the deployment more convenient, I need to convert my old postings to Mold and a few more things I can't remember right now.

All features I'm adding will be available on GitHub: Taunt. Please note that I have changed the name from Heckle to Taunt so as to avoid any confusion. I will submit my changes for upstream review where appropriate of course. Watch this space for updates.

For now I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! See y'all in 2014.

Ed: Looks like I somehow ended up keeping my promise since this post was put online in 2014.

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