Text To Geek

Ok. 2014 is here. Actually it has been around a while it just seemed to me it was whizzing by. Could have stopped to say “Hello” at least. But apparently manners are overrated these days.

But I digress. Among other little things, such as starting a new job, I've finally managed to finish a one hour coding project that will change your life. It definitely did for me. The uber-awesome version 1 of the text to geek speech translator. Proudly made with nothing but HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Very well suited if you'd like to impress your friends or co-workers with something that looks extremely geeky. Simply paste a piece of prose, hit the button and then send the binary or hex version to anyone you'd like to baffle.

Wait until version 2! If I ever find the time to work on it... As usual, the source is on GitHub.

© 2013-2014 Henning Hoyer